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Detox Aromatherapy Massage
Massage is a fantastic way to reduce toxic build up in your body.  During a treatment your circulatory and lymph systems are increased.
Your lymphatic system is responsible for clearing unwanted toxins from the body. It should work closely with the circulatory system and good muscle function to eliminate toxins. As the lymph does not have its own pump, it relies on a strong circulation and muscle strength & flexibility.  
While massage improves lymph and blood flow, it also increases the muscle tone.
Rhythmic techniques and pressure during the massage, help flush out the toxins from muscles,  which then are carried away by the increased lymph flow and circulation.

Who Would Benifit?
For many people, bad diet, poor exercise programme, (or poor recovery programme),  high stress levels and tension all contribute to a build up of toxins.
When levels of toxins are high they prohibit normal body functions such as the immune system, sleep, appetite, mobility and energy, among others.
Typical conditions would be cellulite, blotchy skin, arthritic joints, sluggish digestive system, headaches, irritability,  sinus congestion, the list goes on...

When the power of essential oils are used during this massage,  effects are enhances even further.  History tells how aromatherapy has been used by the Egyptians 3,000 years ago. This natural approach to help the body heal and purify itself still works in the same way.  A special blend of aromatherapy oils will be prepaired for your treatment. These oils can aid the digestion, lymph, circulation, kidneys, skin, joints and much more.

It is important to drink plenty of water to help your kidneys eliminate all the toxins after treatment.
Also its advisable to improve your daily dietary and exercise programme.  However the detox massage is a good place to start and once you feel its benefits and feel better in yourself lifestyle changes are easier to make.

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